Money Management Course

Overview of the course.

Delivered in 4 sessions of about two and a quarter hours

          1.    How do I build my own budget?

          2.   What can I do to make my budget balance?

          3.   How do I live on my budget?

          4.   Is it working for me?

Build a Budget - session 1

  •  What is a budget and why do I need to build one?
  •  Identify all income
  •  Identify all expenditure
  •  Compare, does income cover expenditure?
  •  What about holidays, Christmas, household repairs

Balance a Budget - session 2

  •  Increase income
  •  Reduce expenditure
  •  Categorise expenditure

Living on a Budget - session 3

  •  Account structures
  •  Monthly checking
  •  Changes in circumstances

Is it Working - session 4

  •  Four weeks on, are you within your budget
  •  What are the easy bits?
  •  What has challenged you? Money Management Course

This course is run at Whitwick Baptist Church and can also be booked to be run at your location

Our course leaders have completed CAP Money Course training.

Quidz In

Raising financially confident kids.

Who is it for? - The six sessions will encourage and build parent’s confidence to help their child, aged 8 to 14, to understand key skills in handling money, from budgeting through to spending, saving and planning for the future.