Our Parenting Courses & support use resources prepared by Care for the Family.

Being a parent brings some of the best joys combined with biggest challenges and uses up every bit of energy.  seeks to help mums and/or dads do the best job they can at bringing up their children. You will have chance to share your experiences and solutions with other parents, and opportunity to explore some essential parenting principles.

Six sessions cover:

1. It's not just me
2. Love them and let them know
3. It's good to talk
4. Boundaries and battles
5. Parenting with elastic
6. Creating a sense of belonging

 - Time out for Parents

Each Positive Parenting course
prepared by Care for the Family provides a chance to meet up with other mums and dads experiencing similar issues to you. Courses are built on sound principles and well informed by evidence-based research using common sense and a user-friendly practical approach.
Courses are informal & interactive, making use of visual content, group discussion and practical activities which will help parents apply what they’ve learnt with their children.

Core Series:
Time Out for Parents: The Early Years
Time Out for Parents: The Primary Years
Time Out for Parents: The Teenage Years
Time Out for Parents: Dads

Time Out for Parents: The Early Years

Who is it for?
This six session course is designed to help parents and carers negotiate the early years with confidence and build strong family relationships for the future.

What does it cover?
The arrival of a new baby brings surprises, disappointments and joys along the way. Bringing together mums and dads, this course looks at how parents can build healthy relationships with their babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers and develop learning through fun and play. Parents explore the effects of different parenting styles, why boundaries matter and discuss a toolkit of strategies for handling difficult behaviour. Finally, the course takes time to think about building stronger family relationships through shared activities and creating family traditions.

Session titles:
1. Expectations and realities of parenting
2. Children’s needs
3. Play and listening
4. Parenting styles
5. Discipline and safety
6. The wider family

Time Out for Parents:  The Primary Years

Who is it for?
This six session course will help parents and carers build on the foundations of the early years and continue to develop healthy family relationships through good communication skills and building a child’s self-esteem.

What does it cover?
The aim of the course is to help parents guide their children through this next stage of childhood as they develop friendships, face homework challenges and understand what they’re good at. Parents will be able to identify and understand ways to work with their child’s unique temperament and how to handle their child’s emotions, including anger. The course also provides a framework for parents to help manage their child’s behaviour using a range of strategies. As children begin to venture further afield, this is also a time to explore safety issues including bullying, keeping safe outside the home and the complexities of the internet and mobile phones. Parents also discuss more ways to build stronger family relationships as they journey through the rollercoaster of life.

Session titles:
1. What being a parent’s really like
2. Children’s needs
3. Feelings and listening
4. Boundaries and parenting styles
5. Keeping safe
6. Building strong families

Time Out for Parents: The Teenage Years

Who is it for?
This seven session course is designed to help parents stay connected with their child through understanding their world and developing good communication skills.

What does it cover?
Parents explore how to build strong relationships with their teenager and help their teen be more emotionally secure. It looks at how families can handle conflict more effectively, which battles are important, exploring anger styles, and developing negotiation skills. It also covers how parents can effectively set and maintain age appropriate boundaries with their teenager. Parents also take time to discuss how they can play a part in helping their teenagers with big issues such as relationships and sex, drugs and the online world. With growing independence, parents are also encouraged to find different ways to spend family time together.

Session titles:
1. Temperament and emotional needs
2. Why it’s tough being a teenager
3. Parenting styles
4. Communication
5. Handling conflict
6. The big issues
7. Building strong families

Time Out for Parents: Dads

Who is it for?
This series of five workshops will help dads and male care givers of any age child, develop the relationship with their child whether they’re parenting as a couple, single parent or an ‘away’ dad. The aim is to help dads share their feelings and experiences and come up with solutions to their problems on the basis of what works for them.

What does it cover?
Dads look at how they can improve their understanding on how to meet their child’s needs, including learning and development. Key aspects are explored including building self-esteem and positive communication. The workshops also look at setting and maintaining boundaries along with effective ways to help manage their child’s behaviour. There’s also time for dads to think about how their role might change as their child grows and ways to build healthy relationships with the wider family.

Session titles:
1. What are dads for?
2. Dad - the manager
3. Dad - the coach
4. Dad - the trainer
5. Dad - the team player

Additional Series:

Children with special needs
Included in Children with Special Needs are the following two in-depth topics:
Children with ADHD - Who is it for?
These three sessions are for parents or carers of children aged 3 to 11 who have a diagnosis of ADD, ADHD, DAMP or Hyperkinetic Disorder.
Children with ASD - Who is it for?
These three sessions are for parents and carers of children aged 3 to 11 with ASD, Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome.

How to drug proof your kids (DPYK)
Who is it for? - This six session course for parents concentrates on the important role a parent can play in steering their children away from harmful alcohol and other drug use. It gives parents the skills and knowledge to help their children to make good choices.

Quidz In
Raising financially confident kids
Who is it for? - The six sessions will encourage and build parent’s confidence to help their child, aged 8 to 14, to understand key skills in handling money, from budgeting through to spending, saving and planning for the future.

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